The Complete Guide to Social Work

The Complete Guide to Social Work

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description: The Complete Guide to Social Work is a LCSW study guide designed to help you meet the rigorous challenges of the ASWB Clinical/Advanced Generalist Exam.
title: The Complete Guide to Social Work: Clinical / Advanced Generalist Exam

A Study Guide for the ASWB Clinical Exam

This LCSW study guide will help you meet the rigorous challenges of the ASWB Clinical Exam. Clearly written and well organized, it helps you focus and apply your clinical experience to address the exam’s areas of in-depth analysis. The chapters are organized in accordance with the Content Area Outlines published by ASWB, covering everything you need to pass the exam and gain your credentials to practice therapy.

  • A comprehensive review of all ASWB content areas
  • Study questions and answers at the end of each chapter
  • A full-length practice exam with explanatory answers
  • Resources and reference list
  • A summary of major DSM-5 disorders
  • A psychiatric pharmaceutical quick reference guide
  • Social work assessment and practice forms
  • Test-taking tips and techniques

Content Outline

Part 1: Human Development, Diversity and Behavior in the Environment
Part 2: Assessment, Diagnosis and Treatment Planning
Part 3: Psychotherapy, Clinical Interventions and Case Management
Part 4: Professional Ethics and Values
Part 5: Supplemental Material for the Advanced Generalist Exam

Over 400 pages • Contains over 250 questions